This Men’s Silver & Gold Mezuzah with Star of David Stainless Steel 18″ Necklace is on a 18″ Stainless Steel Espiga Chain. (Espiga chain translates from Spanish the word espiga meaning wheat.) This intricate symmetrical chain is made from small figure of eight links which give it a plaited appearance, closely resembling an ear of wheat or corn. This jewelry chain is also known as “spiga chain” or “wheat chain”. The two-tone gold-fuse and silver Mezuzah pendant is approx. 1/2″ thick and measures 1.5″ long. The unique Stainless Steel Mezuzah pendant is etched with unique artistry designs and features a gold Star of David in the center. This bold Two-Tone Gold & Stainless Steel Men’s Mezuzah Necklace is great for everyday wear and will make the perfect gift for that special man of faith in your life.