This Cobalt Blue Venetian Glass Multi-Bead Necklace is quite unique with it’s variety of magnificently shaped Venetian glass beads that feature an array of vivid cobalt blue colors and contrasted perfectly with grey and black glass beads. It also features smaller beads that are encrusted with Swarovski Crystals, creating a brilliant, classy, shine at any angle of light. In the creation of Venetian glass, artisans use an intricate method. The process starts with ‘silica’, a material that melts into a liquid at a high temperature. As it cools, the molten glass becomes soft and pliable. At this time the glass-maker can begin to work his artistry, using special tools to shape the glass as desired before it begins to harden. This beautiful necklace measures 36″ in length with a 4″ extender. Each bead ranges from 1/4″ to 1″ long with different levels of thickness, that are each secured by separately looped black chains, which adds to the multi layer affect of this beautifully, hand-crafted necklace.