This Honey Amber Venetian Glass Multi-Bead Necklace is quite unique with it’s variety of magnificently shaped Venetian glass beads that feature a variety of vibrant honey amber colors and complimented gorgeously with color-changing amethyst and gold glass beads. In each different angle of light, the amethyst glass beads reflect beautiful shades of emeralds and deep blues & purples. It also features smaller gold beads that are encrusted with Swarovski Crystals, creating a shine at any angle of light, this necklace is a very classy addition to a simple black cocktail dress and versatile enough for everyday wear. Venetian glass is a type of glass object made in Venice, Italy, mainly on the island of Murano. It is globally famous for being vibrantly colorful, sophisticated, and expertly crafted. The splendid colors and patterns of Venetian glass regularly serve as its main characteristics. This beautiful necklace measures 36″ in length with a 4″ extender. Each bead ranges from 1/4″ to 1″ long with different levels of thickness, that are each secured by separately looped gold chains, which adds to the multi layer affect of this beautifully, hand-crafted necklace.